Each one of us is different, each one of us reached a different professional and personal stage. This is why, we adapt our services specifically for your needs, and the number of recommended consultancy hours is different, so that the result of our collaboration will bring you full satisfaction.

Our service packages are based on CONTENT STRUCTURING AND STYLING.

Either if you keep a speech within a conference, or you are preparing a business presentation for a potential client, you will benefit from our support for structuring the content and adapting it to the audience.

Based on your needs, we add to this component consultancy in areas such as public speaking abilities as well as fashion advice for public speaking situations. And if your emotions are an impediment, we can help you with coaching sessions, based on Emotional Release Techniques.

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The way you choose to structure your speech can make the difference between maintaining  your public focused and making them more confused than they were at the beginning of the presentation.


Equally important is the shape of your message, because it shows how interested you were in the event or the respective meeting.

And if you chose to use a visual aid, your attention should be allocated to it as well. Too much text in a slide or characters hard to decipher can distract attention from the essence of what you are trying to present.


It is in your power to create presentations that are different from “this is how it's done in our company” or “this is how I saw someone else does it”!



The fear of public speaking is and will be for some of us one of our greatest fears.


If you feel the need to adjust your style when you are a speaker, we will grant you an appropriate number of consultancy hours, so that you will have more courage and self confidence when you are “on stage”.


When this problem is fixed, you can go back preparing the content, because people are expecting quality information from you, useful for their activity.




The clothes that we choose to wear when giving a speech or a presentation could help us have confidence in ourselves, make us feel good and control the situation…. or they could bring us additional discomfort and could distract the audience from our message.


Our consultancy packages can also include fashion advice for public speaking situations, so that you can concentrate on preparing the content to be presented.



Often the fear of public speaking has deep roots and hides a complex emotional blockage that we incline to ignore.


Luckily, the Emotional Release Techniques have become more known and practiced in our country, and with their help, we can all reach our true potential.


Now it is the time for you to overcome your emotional blockage and fully enjoy your professional skills!

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