What should a PowerPoint presentation contain?

You are about to have a presentation and you are asking yourself what you should add in the visual aid, so that you will not “lose” the audience?


Beyond eloquence and a thorough preparation of the topic, here are 5 basic ideas for a good presentation:


1. Include in the slides only keywords or main ideas. You will present the additional information verbally, otherwise people might concentrate on reading the text instead of following your speech.


2. Add relevant pictures for the presented information. These are easy for the public to remember and will help you get rid of the temptation to fill the slides with text. However, you should be careful not to include pictures of complex graphics, with a lot of numbers that are hard to decipher from afar.


3. Use 1-2 fonts during the entire presentation. Maybe presentations that have one font in each slide or even 2 fonts in the same slide are cute, but if you don’t want your presentation to be “cute” like that, you should avoid that approach.


4. Choose a big enough font size, adapt it to the size of the room, so that the text can be read even by the person that is the furthest away.


5. Carefully manage the use of videos in presentations. Test beforehand if they work, directly on the laptop you will use for your presentation and easily surpass the moment the video freezes. Instead of panicking and feeling sorry for yourself, choose to tell your audience what the video was about and keep on with the presentation in a humours and professional way.



These rules may seem simple and obvious at a first glance, but so is the temptation to not follow them.


From the desire to present to the public as many ideas as possible and the fear of forgetting or skipping something, we fall in the trap of crowded document slides, full of information that distracts the audience.


And if you think that it is enough to be charismatic or well-prepared when you are on the stage and that a PowerPoint presentation will not help you that much, be careful to at least not stand in your way


Easy to say, hard to do, right? If you fell like you need help or relevant feedback before presenting in front of an audience, we will gladly help you!




2019  Aesthetic Style Communication